Brigade features our Brand Creator and General Sharon Justice in collaboration with the Nigerian-Canadian boyband 'Lost Sound Boys' in the war with music campaign unveiling our first civilian uniform; The Built-in Turtleneck Insulating Hoodie. Watch and listen as four Nigerian boys tell a story and navigate the diaspora whilst using music as a weapon to fight their acknowledged adversities of life. THIS IS WAR WITH MUSIC.


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Sleek and Stealthy

This sweater is an awesome piece of Brigades arsenal. The turtleneck incorporated within the hoodie is an amazing example of innovative fashion. The sweater accomplishes not only fitting in with modern trends in fashion, but elevates it to the next level. I recommend it 10/10. Perfect for a slim fit hoodie and great quality as well.

Micheal Fernandes

Special Occasion

I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror then smiled, I took it off and put it back in the packaging. I'll wear it on a special occasion.

Runor Jackson

What wars do you fight with music?

In the interview with LSB, members of the group expressed how music to them is a tool used for bonding, storytelling, and escape which raises a question to the audience; WHAT WARS DO YOU FIGHT WITH MUSIC? The interview briefly explores the way of life for Nigerians back home and Nigerians in the diaspora such as a difference in food, culture and governing bodies. As the group gives us a throwback of their first few months in Canada they also mention artists in music that aided them in adapting to a foreign environment. Watch the interview for more and listen to the special message from the group at the end of the video. THIS IS WAR WITH MUSIC. FIGHT!