On days when we as individuals wake up and our lives are riddled with thoughts of endless despair. When one soul cannot muster the courage or have access to knowledge to challenge the established norms of society and what they entail. Depression, heartbreak, greed, anxiety, inequality and much more - all of these concepts burden most souls they touch. 

Brigade seeks to empower the strongest of us, emancipate the weakest of us and free us all of the victim mindset we bear. As long as we are infected with the virus of these energies sweeping our culture, we will seldom be free. 

Brigade is eager to wage an endless war and liberate all who seek to fight for themselves and others. Brigade will stop at no cost to embolden individuals and collectives to fight for their rights and beliefs with dignity at war. THIS IS WAR. FIGHT! 

Become a soldier. 

(Expressed by the General) + (Written by Micheal Alex Fernandes).